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By Sue Cormier, 2nd Grade Teacher Lummis ES

While insects in the garden is the focus of the second grade curriculum, teachers will soon discover that a garden provides many opportunities for integrating all subject areas in a variety of outdoor garden activities. Students will participate in project-based learning as they ask questions, observe changes, and research causes for these changes including both the positive and negative effects of harmful and beneficial insects.

Students will see the results of their detective work as it leads us to a healthier garden, resulting in both a Fall Harvest Market and a Spring Salad and Salsa celebration. Students will share their harvest with Lummis friends and families resulting in school-wide community events.

A tiny seed, a few beneficial insects, and soon our Lummis community blossoms!

August 31, 2014
The Outdoor Garden Classroom: Hands-On STEM Curricula K-5 was funded by The American Honda Foundation and created by teachers from the Clark County School District in Association with Green Our Planet and Three Square.

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