Green Our Planet STEM Curricula

Sandy Miller Elementary School

By Kam Hughes, 3rd Grade Teacher

What happens when the environment changes?

Why is the tomato plant fuzzy?

-questions by Sandy Searles Miller Academy students

Our students have a fresh fruit and vegetable break each day.  They have connected the importance of eating nutritious snacks to the garden. The students of Sandy Searles Miller Academy for International Studies learn about gardening at school and are naturally inspired to begin growing plants at home and share their knowledge with family members.

The children observe, research, and investigate first-hand how the plants interact with the elements of their environment in order to survive such as the types of soil, amount of water, and worms. They also learn how various plants have adapted to live effectively in our Mojave Desert.

Our young gardeners discover that urban gardening can be successful with the right tools.

August 31, 2014
The Outdoor Garden Classroom: Hands-On STEM Curricula K-5 was funded by The American Honda Foundation and created by teachers from the Clark County School District in Association with Green Our Planet and Three Square.

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