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Mabel Hoggard Elementary School – Oldest School Garden in Las Vegas

By Kim Law, Science Teacher

For almost 20 years Mabel Hoggard Magnet School has been home to a school garden classroom. Hoggard is the oldest school garden in Las Vegas.

The school year begins with the first grade classrooms planting their own garden plots. The students learn about what a plant needs to grow and how our garden provides those needs. Most of the students live in city homes and apartments and, as Las Vegas is in the desert, may have never seen vegetables grown from seed. The students will go into the garden weekly and make observations in their science journals which include measuring the plants growth as well as noting the differences in the plants.

The curriculum at Hoggard includes insects in second grade and habitats in third, fourth and fifth. Every student at our school has access to and is impacted educationally by our garden. The inspiration is the awe in the young students’ eyes as they watch the garden grow and are able to taste what they have planted.

Mabel Hoggard Elementary School - Oldest School Garden in Las Vegas -

August 31, 2014
The Outdoor Garden Classroom: Hands-On STEM Curricula K-5 was funded by The American Honda Foundation and created by teachers from the Clark County School District in Association with Green Our Planet and Three Square.

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